Boarding School Better Than Day School: Reasons To Send Your Kid To Boarding School

Boarding School Better Than Day School? What Are The Reasons to Send You kid To  boarding School?

Boarding school better than day school, Over the years, there have been issues regarding boarding schools and day school in Nigeria. The fact still remain that boarding schools are more expensive than the day school.  There are a lot of reasons to send your kid to boarding school, there are some advantages why parents should send their kids to boarding schools instead of day school. Are boarding schools really better than day schools? Are students in boarding schools more intelligent than the day Students ?These are questions which people tend to ask over time, we are going to outline some of the advantages and benefits of boarding school over day school. Is boarding school better than day school??. We are going to let you be the judge of that.boarding school better than day school

Boarding School Better Than Day School?

there are a lots of reasons to send you kids to boarding schools, but in my opinion, boarding school is better than day school, students who are in boarding school are mentally and emotionally strong, most students find it hard to live in boarding school, a lot of them do cry when ever their parents come visiting. Boarding schools tend to teach moral and value which is lacking in today life.


Discipline is one of the major reasons to send you kid to boarding school. Boarding school students are well-disciplined than the day school students. Discipline makes boarding school better than day school. There are different factors which contributes to the well discipline of secondary school hostel students. There are different set of rules which guide the boarding school students, for example, a boarding school student knows that he has to wake up on time, brush, do his morning duty(maybe sweeping the hostel, washing of toilet etc) take his bath on time, go to dinning in order not miss his breakfast.


Punctual is one of the reasons to send your kid to boarding school. When it comes to time, boarding school students are good time managers than the day school students. Every day-to-day activities being carry out in boarding school have its specific time, we made reference to dinning time which is the most crucial among all. When you miss your meal, you have to go hungry and patiently wait for the next meal. Especially in boarding schools that doesn’t allow provision, like the missionary school.

Hard Working

Yes hard work is one of the main  reasons to send you kid to boarding school. Boarding schools breed students to be hard-working, the students who neglect their morning duties are being penalized. Those who hide during manual labor are not left out, they will be punished. Most students who come from the rich family find it hard to wash their clothes by their selves and carry out other mini duties. But in boarding schools, the case is different, nobody will wash your clothes for you, you will have to do it by your self.


Social activity of the kid is also a reasons why boarding school is better than day school. Boarding school plays a key role when it comes to socialization . Most kids find it hard to socialize and mingle with other kids, boarding school tend to bring together kids with different background and characters. A dull kid will end up being outspoken and bright. Some kids find it difficult  to speak in public, they tend to be afraid, but with the aid of boarding school, the kid will know how to relate with people he doesn’t know.

Academic Performance

The kid academic performance is another reason to send your kid to boarding school. I wouldn’t say that boarding school kids are more intelligent than the day school. Rather, I will say that boarding school students perform academically better than the day school. There is time for everything, the boarding school student tend to utilize his reading time than that of the day school. A day students may not have time to read after school due to many factors or might be busy doing nothing, but a boarding student will have time to read after school, because they are forced to go fot night prep(reading) every day for about 2 or more.

Free time

Most time, it is difficult for some parents to look after their kids at home,it could be as a result of their job. especially, bankers that leave home as early as 7am to be back by 8pm or 10pm when there is tragic for people staying in major cities like Lagos. A boarding school is perfect for such parents, it will be a home away from home

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